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Buffalo Area Farmers Markets and Your Health
July 12, 2018
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July 12, 2018
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Sweet Tooth Satisfaction


So you don’t think you have a sugar craving.  Do you think about the banana bread someone brought to work?  Or think about finishing the last of the garlic bread from dinner?  Or the box of crackers in the pantry?  Or the plate of pasta tastes like another?  This is a craving for carbohydrates which when processed in our body, they turn to sugar.  Which then is stored as fat.

One of my most recent Facebook Lives was a tip on Sugar Blues/Gut Health.  Crowding out to curb your sugar cravings.  Watch the video to get more details and share.

Another tip is to prepare for the crash.  Become aware of when your blood sugar drops.  Have healthy snacks on hand in your purse, desk, car, backpack, etc.  When you are not prepared, we make bad decisions.  Have pre-chopped vegetables ready for when you get home to snack on.  And they are easy to take with you.

Work to stabilize your sugar throughout the day.  Eating breakfast turns on the metabolism and stabilizes the blood sugar.

Stay hydrated with citrus and/or cucumbers in water or herbal teas.

How do you prepare for the crash?  You can not will it away.  Your body will miss it.  Rewiring the cells will decrease these cravings.

Stay tuned to a few more tips to come on curbing sugar cravings!

“Be the change you want to see.”  Gandhi

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